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8 December 2016
UPDATE ECB – Slower but longer

27 October 2016
What’s really happening in emerging markets? – Catching the wave

7 October 2016
What the U.S. Elections Mean for Global Financial Markets

16 September 2016
EM equities outperformance: Sprint or marathon?

6 September 2016
Investment outlook for the rest of 2016

4 August 2016
Lifting fog on LatAm enhances carry appeal!

27 July 2016
BREXIT doesn’t mean an EM-EXIT!

20 July 2016
UK Real Estate, signs of impending doom or opportunity?

16 June 2016
China A-shares flash: MSCI, see you next year for sure

9 June 2016
The case for listed real estate in a multi-asset portfolio

4 May 2016
Will the monkey smile on EM in 2016?

13 April 2016

1st April 2016
RMB Bonds – 2016 Special Report: How to benefit from the opening of the 3rd bond market in the world

10 March 2016
US MONETARY POLICY OUTLOOK: Delayed Tightening Amid Moderating Growth Prospects

22 January 2016
Top 5 Burning Questions on China in 2016

11 January 2016
Turkey strategy outlook 2016: leap of faith


28 October 2015
China in crisis?

11 September 2015
Smaller Emerging Market Stocks – Opportunity or Distraction?

13 August 2015
Will China join the currency war?

24 July 2015
China’s financial initiatives

28 May 2015
Reform is what the China “bubble” advocates have missed

22 May 2015
Mumbai Monitor : promoting growth while maintaining macro-economic stability

13 May 2015
The Ins and Outs of ESG Investing

23 April 2015
The Leverage and Policy Shift behind the China “Bull”

25 March 2015
The case for listed real estate in a multi-asset portfolio

19 March 2015
Where is the Pain Threshold for China’s Growth?

04 February 2015
BNP Paribas Investment Partners confirms its excellence in 2014

16 January 2015
Emerging markets readying for the next great race

07 January 2015
Ready for take-off, The investment outlook for 2015


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